Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mudding on Wedding Candle

Unity Candle and tapers for upcoming June Wedding:

Recently I discovered Margots Mud and the "mudding" had begun.  I have mudded on ornaments, glass, ceramic, wood, plastic, you name it, I have tried it.  I recently tried using caulk, artists paste, each with it's own successes and failures.  When it came to the candles, caulk didn't stick and the paste peeled as well.  Granted I could use enamel paints as I normally would have done before Margot's Mud, but I tried Margot's Mud and it adhered beautifully.  See for yourself. 

 I like to let the candle breath for a day or two before painting or embellishing it.  This allows the oils to weep and then I clean the candle with alcohol before painting or mudding.  For the images I have used several different methods.  Sometimes I just paint on the candle, other times I stamp on toilet tissue or wrapping tissue - you need the tissue to be very thin and this can be a little delicate.  Get out your hair dryer.  I then take the tissue, lay it on the candle, take a piece of wax paper - be very careful not to have any creases - lay the wax paper over the tissue.  Now carefully pick it up, pulling the wax paper tightly around -again check for any creases-Take the hair dryer and start moving it carefully back and forth across the candle/tissue area.  DO NOT hold the dryer in one place too long.  This process happens very quickly.  What you are doing is melting the candle wax into your tissue and it gently seals the tissue to the candle and you can't even tell you used tissue. 

Another method I have used as I did in this picture is used a Water slide material that I ran through my inkjet printer.  You can use this waterslide material on candles or soaps and you can print in color.  Lots of fun!

You will see in one of the pictures below that I have a silver colored "mud".  This was accomplished by adding a little bit of silver metallic paint to the "mud" mixture.  Just add a little bit of paint color at a time to get the right tint.  Hint:  make sure you mix a large enough batch for your project as it can sometimes be hard to get a second batches color to match perfectly. 

For more information on "Mudding" you can visit Margot's website here:   I started out mudding by purchasing a kit (includes everything you need to get started).  I also got a DVD and quickly had to order a second batch of Mud.  She has a black that I am so anxious to try, just haven't had time.  I am thinking of fusing a matching plaque to go with the candle set as the wedding gift.  So much fun to experiment.  I hope you check out Margot's info.  I guarantee you will not be disappointed.
On the reverse side of the Wedding candle, I have added the childrens names as this will be a blended family.

  The top set of tapers is of Margot's mud without coloring added and the lower set of tapers is with a little bit of silver metallic paint added. 

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