Thursday, November 11, 2010

One person's trash is another person's treasure........Recylced bottles as art pieces

 Decorative art pieces can easily be made from bottles that one might normally send to the landfill.  These bottles are easy and fast sellers at art and craft shows and I always get orders for more.  So, as you enter this holiday season, look around your home and see what you can re-use and turn into an art piece instead of sending the item as trash to a landfill. 

My next post will be a Recycled Ragu jar that I have made into a beautiful candy or treat jar.  Come on back and check it out in the next day or two.  These bottles here are booze bottles from the local restaurant/bar where I was cook on Friday nights.  They have been drilled for lights and I have painted the outside of the jars with a glass or enamel paint - sponged on and allowed to dry.  I have then painted my design and decorated them further. 
 The cardinal bottles are wine and champagne bottles and they are topped off with some beautiful birds.  Note:  if you put birds on just about anything, it will sell!  Guaranteed! 

Don't be afraid to try new ideas and designs.  I find the ones I like the least are usually what sells first. 
The three bottles below/left were done for 2009 class on wine bottle painting at Western Technical College.  The bottle in the center (Amber) is not painted but actually a sheer material covering the lover portion of the bottle with twine/jute wrapping.  This one didn't last long at all on the market.  Check out yesterday's post for the method used to make these bottles.
These Angel dolls are made from juice bottles.  Sponge painted with enamel paints then designs applied.  A wood ball tops off the bottle for the head, doilys or lace can be used for the cape or top and crocheted arms were used.  The picture in the center was from my first year of painting and it was done on art glass and placed in a frame.  Not my best piece of work, but I keep it to see how far I have come in the designs.Any questions, email me at and I will be happy to answer or try to answer your questions.

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